Star Wars Armada is a space combat miniature game developed and published by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG).


On this website you can find ready-to-print custom ship, squadron, upgrade and objective cards for use with Armada. These fan-made designs cover dozens of additional spacecraft and characters from the Star Wars Canon and Legends (formerly known as the Expanded Universe) but which are not presently available from FFG.

While new cards are added to the website on a frequent basis, and can always be freely downloaded individually, Armada Shipyards plans to release themed sets at longer intervals. These contain a selection of cards that fit together both thematically and mechanically, and have been playtested and balanced for competitive play. Set 1, loosely based on the popular Heir to the Empire novel, was released in December 2015. Set 2, covering the Clone Wars, is scheduled for Q1 2016.

Armada-scale miniatures for all of these ships and squadrons are available from third-party designers such as Mel and Utar. Links to their models are provided along with each card.

Many thanks go to GiledPallaeon for writing many of the texts accompanying the cards, to Wes Janson for his invaluable design advice and playtesting, and to RogueKnight for his excellent Photoshop templates and design aids.

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