Set 1

Set 1 Preview

Heir to the Empire

Armada Shipyards proudly presents its first expansion set for Star Wars: Armada. This set is loosely based on the popular Thrawn Trilogy novels by Timothy Zahn, and contains new ship, squadron and upgrade cards for both the Imperial and Rebel factions. The cards can be freely downloaded from the website (using the Set 1 tag) for home printing, or ordered as a ready-to-play set from PrinterStudio (by following this link; see the Detailed Instructions below). Armada-scale models for all the new ships and starfighters are available from Mel Miniatures on Shapeways.


Shipyards Set 1 contains the following:

  • Immobilizer 418-class Cruiser
  • Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser (2 variants)
  • Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser (4 variants)
  • Assault Frigate Mark I (3 variants)
  • GR-75 Medium Transport
  • Xg-1 Starwing Assault Gunboat (generic and unique)
  • Lambda-class Shuttle (generic and unique)
  • Z-95 Headhunter (generic and unique)
  • E-Wing (generic and unique)
  • 24 new Upgrade cards (2 commanders, 4 officers, 11 titles, 2 gravity well projector upgrades and 5 cargo upgrades)
  • 6 new Objective cards

Detailed Instructions

For home printing:

  1. Click on this link to open the set contents list.
  2. Open each post and download all the image files to a folder on your hard drive.
  3. Launch your favourite word processing or desktop publishing application and import all the images you saved onto a blank document.
  4. Make sure all images are set to 100% scale, at 600dpi.
  5. Print the document out on cardstock and trim the cards, bases and dials to size with scissors or a hobby blade.

For professional printing:

  1. Go to PrinterStudio and create an account if you don’t already have one.
  2. While logged in, open this link.
  3. Select any one of the three decks pictured and click on ‘add to cart’.
  4. Use the “back” button on your browser (or the backspace key) to return to the deck selection screen.
  5. Select another deck and add it to the cart.
  6. Use the “back” button again and add the third deck to the cart.
  7. Adjust quantities if desired, then click on ‘go to checkout’ and place the order.
  8. When your items arrive, you’ll have to cut out the ship baseplates and squadron dials; Wes Janson has written some useful tips here.


Q: Are you selling these cards?

A: No. All the content on this website is and will always be available for free – all the cards in the set can be individually downloaded for home printing. The external links provided above are offered for your convenience only: Armada Shipyards is not affiliated in any way with PrinterStudio, Mel Miniatures or Shapeways and does not receive any share of the revenues. Note that the material on this website is strictly for personal use, as it contains artwork copyrighted by FFG, LFL, Disney and/or the original artist.

Q: OK, but how much will it cost me to get everything printed?

A: Depends. PrinterStudio charges about $20 plus shipping for the whole set (on premium 310gs linen cardstock). Your local print shop may be cheaper. Home printing on a laser printer is probably the cheapest option; using an inkjet printer is certainly possible, but be prepared to burn through a significant amount of ink.

Q: Are the cards sized like official Armada cards from FFG?

A: Almost. The ship, squadron and objective cards are exactly the same size and will fit perfectly in standard FFG sleeves. The upgrade cards are slightly wider, but will also (barely) fit in FFG mini sleeves. In any case, they can be easily trimmed to FFG size by following the vertical guidelines on the back of the card.

Q: Are these cards balanced for competitive play?

A: Reasonably. However, please bear in mind this is a fan-made project designed and tested by a small team, so it may be unrealistic to expect the level of fine-tuning to match FFG’s standards. Actually, FFG has been known to make mistakes… from time to time.

Q: How many copies of each card are included in the set?

A: Two of each ship and objective card, one of each squadron card, and one of each unique upgrade card. Each ship comes with two baseplates for each variant, and each squadron comes with one unique and five generic dials. The exception to the above is the GR-75 Medium Transport, which comes with four ship cards and four sets of five cargo upgrade cards.

Q: Can I use these cards in Vassal?

A: Yes. As of version 2.1.5 of the Armada module for Vassal, the content of Shipyards Set 1 is available as an optional extension. You can find the latest version here.

Q: Will this custom content be available to use with fleet building software?

A: Yes. Nevetz of Armada Warlords has kindly agreed to include Shipyards Set 1 as optional content in his wonderful tool. But it is not yet fully armed and operational.

Q: I love your work! But why is my favorite ship not in the set?

A: You may dispense with the pleasantries. We assure you, our men are working as fast as they can.

33 thoughts on “Set 1

  1. I cant wait to get both of these, and now tons of new models. Thanks! LOL. I want this sooner than later, just in case it goes the way of Space Rocks. About to print my Set 1 as Im typing this.


    1. It’s a good question – that artwork is not available online. It’s my way of making sure that “non-final” cards don’t get printed to look “final”. Maybe if enough people ask I’ll change the policy, though… watch this space.


    1. Not 100% identical, but real close. Print quality is pretty much the same, but the ship cards have slightly more rounded corners, and the upgrade cards are about 1mm wider than FFG’s. Also, dials and bases are cardstock rather than punchboard.


      1. Sorry Jeff – I really don’t know a cost-effective way of printing on punchboard. Myself, I just overlay the paper/card bases onto FFG ones, before putting the peg in. Still works nicely.


  2. Is this set intended to work in tandem with the core set (ie Immobilizer and Dreadnaught with ISD, VSD, etc) or used as two new standalone factions?


    1. Yes, everything in Set 1 belongs to the Rebel and Imperial factions and is designed and balanced to work alongside official units. Set 2, on the other hand, will have a Clone Wars theme and introduce standalone factions.


      1. Awesome. Can’t wait for those as well. I already have two of set one printed and cut and ships ordered. The premade project on the print store was great. I hope you do another one for other sets as well. I’m actually building a fleet builder that lets you use both the core and DA shipyards sets and is built in a way to easily allow add-ons of additional factions in the future.


  3. Now that the GR-75 is included in FFG’s official Wave III release as a flotilla, will you be removing it from Set I?


    1. Set I will probably stay as-is, at least for now, though I may release a Revised edition later. To be honest, a lot of the content on the site is rapidly becoming obsolete with each new FFG release.


    1. Set I currently prints on a slightly wider format; they still fit in FFG sleeves but it’s quite snug. The cards have unobtrusive cutting guides on the reverse side so it’s quite straightforward to trim them to FFG size.

      I’ll investigate the new PrinterStudio options for (hypothetical) future releases. Thanks for the heads-up!


  4. Will you make the bomber of Grievous, Seperatist Shuttle and geonosian starfighters for the Seperatists? And will you make the Melevolence (I don#t know how its written) from CW and miniatures for the mandalorians?

    Whats about a set that is simmilar to the rogue set including:
    -the twilight
    -the bounty hunter assault gunship
    -zygarian save ship
    -mandalorian starfighter?
    -and others
    I would really like something like that!

    I really want to see the stealth ship of the clone wars series!

    These are all suggestions!


  5. I realize this project is something you aren’t paid for and it likely requires much of your time, but… are you still working on set 2? *She says sheepishly*

    Looking over some of Mel’s seperatist ships, I’m super excited for the seperatists. I want to get the miniatures, paint them like reaver’s from Serenity, and surprise the heck out of my BF’s ever impressive Imperial Armada.


    1. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’m afraid the project is, shall we say, “on hold until further notice”. Having said that, a lot of the work-in-progress files are out there, somewhere… I can point you in the right direction if you ask nicely 🙂


  6. I would like to be pointed in the right direction please sir. I like this pro printing and shapeways, it would be great is you could buy set 1 from the shapeways site as a full package with bases and everything.


    1. Hi Greg, thanks for your interest but the Shapeways miniatures have nothing to do with me – I only have a friendly agreement with Mel to point people to each other’s work 🙂


  7. Hey Mario. I built and run the Amoeba Games site at and am currently about to launch my Armada builder as well. I would like to include the DA Shipyards (Set 1 as a collection and the rest as a collection called “other”) in both the database and builder. Would you have any objection to my doing this and using the images found here on this site? I started my builder project because the other builders out there dont support DA Shipyards and I have tons of the cards and ships (as you can see above from my earlier posts way back.) I also have an extensive database, collection management and builders for Imperial Assault, Destiny, and coming soon, Legion and X-Wing. If you could please post a reply here or reply directly through email, I would really appreciate it, and hopefully I can help your work live on! Thanks in advance.


    1. Hey there Koder – thanks for reaching out. By all means, go ahead! Though quite a few of the Shipyards cards have been obsoleted by the later official materials. I wish I had the time and energy to go back and do a thorough revision, but sadly that’ll have to wait…


  8. Wow I just happen to find this site. What I’ve seen so far look great!!! I’ve bought 5 ships so far from mel and would really like to have cards for them. Also found a guy on etsy who makes the shield dials.


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